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Robbie Merrill - Live and Personal  

Live and Personal with Godsmack Bass Player Robbie Merrill is the first ever live online session where you will be able to see, hear, and interact in an exclusive and intimate online setting.

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04/04 Friday End-to-End
Testing H264
12/04/13 2011-D1-Girls-Softball-G1-MSC-Cumb
12/04/13 2012-D1-Boys-Baseball-G1-SK-BH
11/23/13 DVD-Convert-MAC-1
11/22/13 DVD-Conversion-Windows-1
11/20/13 VTS_01_1_Merge
11/20/13 VTS_01_1_Merge
11/19/13 empire8-test
09/03/13 Utica Test Laptop
05/09/13 4637-1 Human Affairs Committee 4-29-2013
4637-1 Human Affairs Committee 4-29-2013
10/03/12 2009 RIIL D1 Soccer Championship
800x600 1.9 mbps
10/03/12 2012 RIIL Baseball Finals
NK vs BH
10/03/12 2009 RIIL State Baseball D1 Finals - BH vs NK
Streamed at 1.9 mbps
10/02/12 2009 RIIL Baseball - NK vs BH
State Finals
09/08/12 Balancing Test
06/14/12 Robbie Merrill Live Session with Question and Answer
Ask questions by sending email to Robbie at rockdawgrobbie@gmail.com - we will answer as many questions live as possible and Robbie will say hi to you. Thanks. Attention Bass Players and Musicians - Would you like to become a RockDawg University Member - we are accepting new members now - send us an email at RockDawgRobbie@gmail.com for more information.
04/04/12 Rockdawg Live Session #9
Robbie Live
08/25/11 Testing Audio on Smartphones #2
A fully integrated test.
08/23/11 Scott Carlsten - 1987 New England Wrestling
Includes clips from early round match, semifinal battle with Mark Blanchard, and championship finals (plus podium).
07/05/11 Robbie Merrill Live and Personal - Session #8
8th session. Note - Sessions 9 and 10 will be posted soon as we determine Robbie's schedule. Thank you.
06/29/11 Robbie Merrill Live and Personal - Session #7
7th Live Session
06/25/11 Robbie Merrill Live and Personal - Session #6
6th Live Session
06/22/11 Robbie Merrill Live and Personal - Session #5
5th Live Session
06/22/11 Robbie Merrill - *FREE* Live Chat
Want to stay and watch Robbie for a full hour live? Here is a $10 off coupon to use for tonight only - ROCKDAWG-29044 The cost is regularly $24.95 - Tonight it will be $14.95. To log in, click on the June 22nd link and go to new subscriber and log in with the coupon code.
06/18/11 Robbie Merrill Live and Personal - Session #4
4th Live Session

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